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About WoodPLAS

WoodPLAS series processes PE and PP recycled materials using a special technology co-founded with Japan to produce wood-like lumbers. This technology eliminates the traditional steps of applying additional imprint and adhesive grain in processing the plastic product. It engraves the natural look of the wood grain onto the plastic lumber during the manufacturing process. Such technique not only results in a breakthrough in manufacturing plastic but also saves cost and trees.

WoodPLAS series is built to protect our endangered natural resources. WoodPLAS is made of recycled materials and is 100% recyclable. It conserves energy from reusing materials, and thus minimizing pollution caused by unnecessary wastes process. WoodPLAS applies the concept of recycling the recyclables to make the earth a greener place.

WoodPLAS has been certified by the industrial testing agencies. It is durable, non-toxic, non-slippery, maintenance free, yet resistant to weather, water, corrosive, moth/fungus, rust, and crack/warp. In addition, its strong elasticity and intensity-absorbent property distinguish WoodPLAS from the traditional wood product. It is no doubt a better replacement of woods.

We invite you to surf our Product Link and Illustrations Link. You will see that the WoodPLAS product has been installed in places like private gardens, recreational parks and leisure farms. With its various built-in physical and mechanical strength, WoodPLAS series is multi-functional and decorative. You will find it the best solution in landscaping projects such as decking, fencing, flooring and stair pave way; in garden planting such as flower/tree planters, and raised bed vegetable railings; in outdoor/recreational furniture such as benches, chairs, beer/patio tables and garbage stands and in transferring/storage such as pallets, plant trolley and storage racks; as well as in Water Conservation Engineering Constructions because of its resistance to water and alkali.

Please join us in contributing to a greener earth. We believe WoodPLAS is the product of now and future. For a better tomorrow, Wood PLAS gives you the competitive edge you need.

No matter what we do, we have to leave no stone unturned and do what we can.

和我們大量使用回收塑膠等回收資源,並可重複回收使用, 避免這些廢棄物燃燒而污染了這個世界。
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